Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Questions for October 13th

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  1. Jamie:
    We ranked Brady lower for this week because he has a tough matchup against the Ravens. I see Brady and Roethlisberger putting up similar numbers for the rest of the year, slight edge to Brady because the pats are a pass first team. I don't think at this point anybody would take Big Ben for Brady, but if you like Brady that much better then it never hurts to try. To answer you other question, no none of us have worked for Yahoo or ESPN. We are just trying to create a place where people can get advice quickly and for free.

  2. should i start brady at baltimore, big ben at cleveland or eli at detroit?

    also, for rb's best at giants, jackson at san diego or hillis at pittsburgh?

  3. I why did you rank eli lower than ben but you will start him over him? who are you? you are not fantasy mentor. I think he should answer things.

  4. Sorry I meant Jackson and Best. You have Jackson at like 29

    and best in the teens?
    I guess you dont make the rankings huh?

  5. I'm the person that created this website, me and him both answer questions and make the rankings together

  6. he was talking about steven jackson not brandon jackson

  7. @Jaime- the rankings we made are for just one week, not the whole season. I personally think Brady will have a better rest of the year than Big Ben but he won't have a better week this week

  8. Should I pick up Brandon Tate or BUF Johnson?

  9. But they got Deion Branch now.. why would Tate be a factor?

  10. Branch is not nearly the same guy he was 5 years ago. If anything he will help Tate.

  11. Is it a good idea to start Micheal Bush and Felix Jones?

  12. I have W/T and W/R position. Who should I start?

    SF Crabtree vs. Oak
    SD tolbert vs. stl
    OAk Micheal Bush vs SF
    TB Mike WIlliams vs NO
    NE Brandon Tate vs. Bal

  13. Anonymous1:
    It's hard to say without knowing your other options, but they're not bad plays.

    I like crabtree and bush. If last week was any indication then it looks like San fran is trying to get crabtree involved more. And bush is the next best option against a San fran defence that can't stop anybody

  14. QB Manning vs. Wash
    RB Mccoy vs ALT
    RB MichealBush vs SF
    WR/RB Felix Jones vs MIN
    WR Andre Johnson vs KC
    WR Micheal Crabtree vs OAK
    WR/TE Mike Wallace vs CLE
    TE Venon Davis vs OAK
    K Jeff Reed vs CLE
    DEF NO vs TB

    Bench Players
    Tolbert SD vs STL
    Greene vs
    Brandon Tate vs Bal
    Green Ellis vs BAL
    Orton vs NE
    Mike William TB

    Is there any bench player that I should replace with my starters? or am I set for this week?

  15. Anonymous:
    Your lineup looks good. Good luck this week.

  16. I give: Roddy White, Steven Jackson and Jay Cutler
    I get: Frank Gore, Kyle Orton and Ronnie Brown

    This was offered to me.

    Cutler is my starter.
    My other RBs are Jamaal Charles, Michael Bush, Jonathan Stewart, and BJGE
    My other WRs are Andre Johnson, Brandon Marshall, Michael Crabtree, Vincent Jackson

    We start 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 Flex (WR/RB) It is .5PPR.

  17. Need 2: Mike Tolbert, Danny Woodhead or Jason Snelling? Unfortunately, no other options

  18. Give: Calvin Johnson
    Get: Larry Fitzgerald

    We start 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1 Flex(RB/WR)
    -It is a .8PPR league.

  19. should i drop NE Tate for Hou Walter? I know walter had a slump but wouldnt it be better?

  20. keep White because hes producing fantasy pts... steven jackson produce okay numbers and Cutler is a bit of a risk but its okay. Denver usually break down at the end of the season. It always happen.

  21. if you need an immediate starter.. pick up Danny Woodhead.. the most he can do for you will be about 10 fantasy pts.. Tolbert is back as a backup role but he will still be in for goal line situation... which is good... and if matthews is injured again or play bad then he will have a lot of value again. Snelling simply doesnt have a chance expect 4-7 fantasy pts for him at most.

  22. PS... i would pick up Tolbert as my flex option.

  23. Houston offense will improve.. but if you're looking for a home run hitter keep Tate. Tate is a long vertical threat... he will get his yards and TD. VERY FAST GUY.. He has 20 pts per game potential.. Walter and the TExan offense hasnt produce... except for foster.. they will be better but Walter is the 2nd WR to Andre Johnson. Plus.. tate has a consistent QB in Tom Brady. Brady is used to see Moss.. therefore whenever he step back he will look for Moss but he will find Tate instead where Moss used to stand

  24. I hope your questions are answered...

  25. Pick up Vincent Jackson if you guys havent done so... hes coming back 10/31

  26. Hey guys, my team has been decimated by injuries this year and I am 1-4 in a non-PPR league. This week I have DeAngelo Williams & Steve Smith (CAR) on bye as well. There are a few free agents available in my league (RB's) - D. Brown IND, C. Williams TB (WR's) - M. Sims-Walker JAX, TJ Houshmanzadeh BAL, D. Mason BAL, M. Thomas JAX (TE's) - Greg Olsen CHI, Tony Moeaki KC. I would have to drop a player to pick up one. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    QB's - M. Vick, J. Freeman (pick one)
    WR's - S. Smith (NYG), M. Williams (TB), B. Tate, K. Brit. (pick 2)
    RB's - M. Jones-Drew, R. Torain, K. Moreno, D. McFadden (pick 2)

    Other roster positions, TE H. Miller, Kicker N. Kaeding, DEF Miami & Baltimore.

    Out of the remaining RB's, WR's & TE's I need a flex player also. Thanks

  27. Due to a lot of questions these answers will be quicker than normal

    @mattman- I would do this trade, you are already stacked at WR and don't need White that much.

    @Anonymous 1- Whitehead and Tolbert

    @Anonymous 2- I like Fitzgerald better with Hall at QB.

    @Anonymous 3- Walter is better

    @Anonymous 4- Start Freeman, Smith, Williams, Drew, Torain. Your roster is good enough that none of the free agents would do anything.