Friday, October 22, 2010

Question for Friday October 22 and Saturday October 23

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  1. I need 2 WR for this week. Here are the options:
    Jabar Gaffney
    MIke Williams (TB)
    Mike Williams (SEA)
    Jason Avant
    Thank you

  2. Go with both of the mike Williams this week.

  3. I have the TB Mike Williams on my bench right now. The Sea Mike Williams is available FA. Which one would you rather have continuing on for the rest of the season? I have Randy Moss and Calvin already, so he's just a bye / injury week filler or "lottery ticket" really.. can maybe pay off at the end of the season.

  4. I would keep the Tampa Bay Mike Williams, he is the clear top guy in Tampa Bay and I don't think Seattle Mike Williams will consistently produce.

  5. I need to start 3 WR this week
    Percy Harvin
    Jeremy Maclin
    Deion Branch
    Terell Owens
    who do i start? ( 3 people ) thanks

  6. Hey FSA's ! I found your site by luck, i have it bookmarked and will definitely check back weekly. I don't really post for advice that often as you can have any random person with no proven track record reply in various blogs, but you guys seem to have it together..

    I would like to ask your advice with the following situation...

    First off, my friends/colleagues wanted to mix it up so I am in a 10 team league that starts a 1QB, 3WRs, 2RBs, 1TE, a flex (can be ANY offensive player! - yeah most ppl start two qbs...), and of course a kicker and defense...

    The complicated aspect of this is that there are only two bench spots....

    Currently I have the following players
    QBS- big ben, schaub, brady
    WRS-malcolm floyd, DJax, Hines Ward, and Ocho cinco / Meachem (bye week fillers)
    RBs-Gore and Ahmad Bradshaw
    TE- Lost jermichael! :( got lucky and picked up zach miller
    k/def - not important

    So I am forced to roll without a kicker this week to fill my offensive roster... but my bigger concern is addressing the upcoming bye weeks/ other players on the waiver wire...

    1) I picked up ocho cinco and meachem this week off waivers hoping they will have productive weeks... both crayton and johnny knox are available to.. which two would you recommend for this week?

    2) garcon is available and I know a big bidding war will go down next week, I am strongly considering picking him up this week and dropping malcolm (I know he has been awesome- and I love the houston matchup in a few weeks, but hammy injuries are no joke)

    3) Of the three qbs, which one would you say has the least value for the remainder of the season? I have been actively been trying to trade schaub, but no one seems interested in his inconsistent play.

    4) who do you like for the rest of the season between meachem and ocho cinco?

    Sry to bombard you guys with questions, I would really appreciate any feedback/advice you could offer!

    Cheers guys,
    Matt Z

  7. Which 2 would you start this week?
    Donald Driver
    Roy Williams
    Danario Alexander

    Thanks! Great site, by the way.

  8. I am trying to figure out who to start and am going back and forth with it. My receivers are Robert Meachem, Roy Williams, Steve Smith and Patrick Crayton. I also have DeSean Jackson but I know he is out this week. I picked up Crayton for a boost this week but now with Steve Smith back i am at a lose. what would you suggest?

  9. Who would you rather have for the rest of the yeae, Fitz or Wallace? My other WR are Marshall and Calvin.


  10. Anonymous- Maclin, Owens and Harvin

    Matthew- Thanks for all the compliments

    1) I would drop Meachem and pick up Crayton for this week.

    2) I don't think you should drop Floyd for Garcon as good as he is. You could drop Ochocinco for him next week.

    3) You have 3 of the top 10 qb's for sure. If I had to pick Schaub would have the least value but its close between him and big ben so I would see what you could get for Big Ben.

    4) Ochocinco

    Anonymous- Driver and Williams

    Anonymous- Here's the order I would go with, Smith, Crayton, Williams, Meachem.

    Anonymous- Fitzgerald, he gets more targets from Hall.


  11. Benjarus Green Ellis or Ryan Torain

    Hasselbeck or Bradford

  12. Who will be taking Austin Collie's place - Anthony Gonzalez or Blair White? Thanks.

  13. I need two WR's for week 8 who would you pick with these options:

    - Pierre Garcon
    - Greg Jennings
    - Calvin Johnson
    - Deion Branch

    Thank you.

  14. should i drop beanie wells for jonathan stewart? i need a flex option this week and it's between deangelo williams and beanie wells.

  15. I'm have a hard time this week deciding between Mcfadden or Torain.

  16. who to start? pick 2: britt, mike wallace, colston

    and hernandez or heath miller?

  17. Trade V.Jax for Moss??

  18. Hmmmm another fantasy guru bites the dust.