Monday, October 18, 2010

Questions for Monday October 18 and Tuesday October 19th

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  1. I was just offered Hakeem Nicks for Matt Forte. My other backs are CJ, LT, Bradshaw. My other receivers are Welker, Crabtree, Garcon, D. Bryant, Amendola, Rice. Thoughts?

  2. I need a QB as a fill in this week. I picked up Cassel. Was that a good pickup? There's also Henne, Bradford, and Freeman on the wire.

    Also, should I drop Mike Tolbert for Michael Vick?

  3. I have recently added Chris Ivory and Danny Woodhead from the waiver wire (in a deep 12 man league) My starting QB, Schaub is off with a bye this week. I need to add a QB but must clear a bench spot. Who would you reccommend dropping? Ivory, Ben Jarvus Green-Ellis, knowshon moreno or Woodhead?

    PS...I am in a yahoo league where woodhead doubles as a WR and his projections are for almost 10 a game from here on out

  4. Ok. So Pierre Thomas has just been dropped in my league. I want to drop Mike Tolbert, but should I drop him for Pierre Thomas or Michael Vick?

  5. @Anonymous- I would do that trade, Forte is a quality back and your are deeper at reciever.

    @ Greatest Ever- Freeman and Cassell are about even for this week, both great matchups. I would rather have Thomas than Vick but it depends who your QB is.

    @Anonymous- I would drop Ivory of those guys because you know when Bush and Thomas are healthy he will become irrelevant once again.