Thursday, October 14, 2010

Questions for Friday October 15th

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  1. Hey guys, I have a couple questions for week 6. First, should I start Joseph Addai this week? Or use one of my other options in Michael Bush, Peyton Hillis, or Brandon Jacobs? Second question, in a standard format non ppr league as a flex player from the remaining RB's and these WR's which player should I use? Michael Williams (TB) or Kenny Britt? Thanks for your help and advice it's greatly appreciated. Tony

  2. who should i start at defense this week, miami or baltimore? i was leaning towards miami until i heard aaron rodgers will be starting for gb

  3. @ Tony-
    Start Michael Bush
    Start Mike Williams

    @Anonymous-start Miami

  4. Hey Guys,

    I have Marshall, Wayne, Boldin and Holmes as my WR core. Do you think it would be worth the gamble on V.Jax to pick him up and drop Murphy off of waivers at this point? Does Forsett have any value in a PPR league with the arrival of Lynch?

    Also would you start Bradford or Cassel this week as a spot start? My regular QB is Vick.

  5. anonymous:
    You have solid WR's, so even when or if v.jax comes back, he probably won't even start for your team. I would hold onto Murphy, he is a good fill in when you other WR's have byes.

    I cant't tell you if Forsett will still have value until after this week. I have to see how much he is involved because nobody has any idea, but definetly don't drop him. Give him a few weeks.

    Start Cassel this week. Better matchup against a terrible Texans secondary

  6. Hey Guys,
    This is my first year in FF and I have a couple of questions. I'm in a standard 10 team, Non PPR league.
    First, I have 4 RB: Michael Turner, Jahvid Best, Ryan Torain, and Michael Bush. Which two should I start.
    Second, I have Jermichael Finley and just picked up Tony Moeaki. Is Tony an ok stater for the rest of the year or should I try and trade for another TE? Should I drop Finley?
    Thanks for your help. This is a really cool site!


  7. Hey folks, looking for some reinforcement:

    Starting Jones-Drew and Addai, over Tolbert and BGE.
    Starting Lance Moore, Reggie Wayne, Gaffney (FLEX) over Mike Williams(TB) and Mike Thomas.

    Thoughts? I'm a little torn on Mike Williams sitting on the bench...

  8. Kenny,
    Roll with Turner and Best this week.

    Yeah, Moeaki is fine at TE. Since your in a 10 team league, look if Heath Miller is availble. If he is I would pick him up. Also Drop Finely, he's out for at least 8-10 weeks.

    Your RB's look fine. However, I would start Mike williams over More

  9. Hey guys quick question, I have best, mathews and tolber available to start as my two backs but also could start all of them with the flex spot.. I have brendon tate, and amendola as well for the flex. Out of all those what three should I start? Kick returns count 25 yards for one point.

  10. I am in a 10 team PPR league. I need 2 WR: DeSean Jackson, Wes Welker, Mike Williams (TB), Danny Amendola, Brandon Tate. Also, should I start Lewis or Moeaki at TE. Thanks!

  11. Anonymous,
    Start DeSean Jackson and Wes Welker and at TE start Lewis

  12. Anonymous, start Best Mathews and Amendola

  13. I have to start someone at WR No.3.

    I have the chance to use either Devery Henderson (NO) or Robert Meachem (NO).

    Which one? Thanks!

  14. Anonymous,
    Sorry, I didn't see your question. Go with Best, Matthews, and Amendola. Starting Tate over Amendola would be a risk, but he could always run one back. The safer play is Amendola.

  15. Is Santonio Holmes and Visante Shiancoe for Cedric Benson a good trade?

  16. No its not,Benson is one of the few RBs who isn't in a timeshare at all so he is always a good start.

  17. You didn't say who you were getting, whichever team gets Benson wins that trade.

  18. Have a few questions for a PPC and PPR league. Shaun Hill v NYG at NY or Henne at GB? (Vick injury killing me in a 2 QB league Schaub ((bust)) as other QB. My second Question is should I bench Jennings these 2 catch games are hurting and Rodgers barely has time to look to his side before pressure gets there and play Britt Bess and Welker or shoud I start Welker Jennings and Britt or Bess as WR3?

  19. Start Hill
    I wouldn't bench Jennings even though he is stuggling for someone at Bess' level. Start Jennings Britt and Welker

  20. I need some help on who to start this week...Non-PPR League
    Here is who I have to choose from:

    WR: Moss
    WR: Andre Johnson
    WR: Hakeem Nicks
    WR: Malcom Floyd
    WR: Johnny Knox
    WR: Maclin

    RB: Arian Foster
    RB: Jamaal Charles
    RB: Addai
    RB: McFadden
    RB: Ahmad Bradshaw

    Right now I have starting:

    RB: Bradshaw
    RB: Charles
    WR: Andre
    WR: Moss
    Flex: Nicks

    Is this who you would go with, or would you switch out someone?

    Thanks for the help...

  21. I would go with:
    Flex: Nicks

  22. Hey Guys- What 2 WRs would you start this week out of M.Wallace, P.Harvin, D.Jackson, & B.Marshall. Jackson killed me the last 2 wks w/2 points.

    Also, should I continue to hang on to O.Daniels or J.Stewart. Their potential to produce is making it hard for me to drop them.

  23. Harvin and Marshall
    Definitely hang on to Stewart, drop Daniels if a better TE is available but I think he will turn it around.

  24. I have Mendenhall, Hillis, Benson, and F. Jones but need a solid 3rd WR (starting Wayne and Boldin top 2)

    Knowing this, is giving up Benson for B. Lloyd dumb?

  25. F. Jones against Vikings or P. Hillis against Steelers?

  26. Should I go with Orton vs Jets or Schaub vs Chiefs?

  27. Alright guys here's a question. Im unsure of which QB to start this week, options are:
    Ben Rothlisberger
    Tony Romo
    Joe Flacco

    and second, should i bench one of the following in favor of Brandon Lloyd
    Reggie Wayne
    Miles Austin
    Anquan Boldin

    Thanks in advance,

    Jeremy H

  28. Im debating between Eddie Royal and Pierre Garcon. Thoughts?

  29. I have R. Rice, S. Green & Tolbert. I want to trade Flacco & the Falcons D. What should I expect in return & who's fair trade value?

  30. Anonymous 1- you can get much better than Lloyd for Benson. He is very valuable because he is not in a timeshare like most backs are.

    Anonymous 2- Felix Jones but its a close one

    Killien- Orton

    Jeremy- Start Romo and bench Lloyd

    Brandon A- Eddie Royal is a better bet, Garcon is arguably the 4th option on that team.

    Anonymous 3- it all depends on what teams need a QB. Maybe you could add someone like Tolbert to the deal and try to get Ryan Matthews.

  31. Thanks

    Concerning Benson again, not sure if this question is too broad, but what kind of WR's would you suggest are around equal value for a trade with him. WR's are kind of spread out this year with some less popular names ranked higher up so I'm not positive as to who to look for in a trade.


  32. Fitzgerald

    It depends if someone is need of RB's also

  33. I already have Roddy White and Miles Austin starting. I also have Peterson as my first back. Trying to choose the final two from Welker, Torain and Bush??? Advice?

  34. Anonymous,
    Welker for your third wr and it's a toss up bteween bush and torian, but go with torian. Potential for a big game